I thought I heard you thinking
Once in a lifetime photo of lightning hitting the bay bridge San Francisco  

Once in a lifetime photo of lightning hitting the bay bridge San Francisco  

Keep Breathing-ChronicRelay

Sometimes I’m vexed life not simple get the picture (Kodak)

Like a codex, one must decipher meaning,

fore between the lines we’re reading, as our hearts beating, our senses speeding, feeding us information a billion times faster than a computers decoding binary, repeating.


All day as the world turns from the sun


We our the writers, the reader, and the sage.

Who can free the mind of trouble and discover the enlightenment that comes with the turning of a page.

Chapters of life unfold.

We who hold the key to our own cage, can be free of our captivity if only we disengage 

Play on orchestra inside my head!

Keep on until I’ve passed to the realm of the dead

So I said,

Love life because your living, if for nothing else.

Never sacrifice happiness to expand your wealth.

Long term of course, one must interpreter the force.

Don’t beet a dead horse.

let it be

happily ever after or end in divorce.

life’s poetry

There is no try, of course, this is a fallacy.

How easily do we influence reality? Breath in…

Breath out…

Still have any doubt?

Still wonder what its all about?

We have this gift this life that we can share.

Continuer à respirer!


The almost reaping-ChronicRelay

"Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life" the reaper says to the solder as the medic removes the knife. "Tomorrow you will awaken with new eyes to see the worlds true beauty. But tonight you sleep your last night on active duty. You will tell your children stories of the hard ships of the war. You may keep some to yourself the ones that rocked you to the core. But maybe you will realize that how you once stormed a shore, every ones seen hardship in their life you can be shore. Maybe you believe that there’s an angle watching over you. Though I have seen no evidence suggesting this is true. If destiny delivered you from out of every rut. Then why is it that your angle didn’t stop the entry cut. Now you could say that fate provides hardship to better ones constitution. Though I would say it’s obvious that this angle is simply a product of confusion. It’s a complex illusion turning one thing into two. The fabric of all things consists of arbitrary hew. Good and bad are scaled you see. One exists to serve the other. This is as much a myth as the tail of Cain killing his brother. So believe in the work of fairies if it helps set your mind at ease. I have a list, your time will come, I’ll see you on your knees. But today you have a second chance" the reaper declared with a solum tone. He pointed out the window with a hand made of only bone. "out there, there is a purpose. one that you may come to spit, but if you were to except it, it would bring you much delight. One day this may aid to comfort you when I bring you to the light. Don’t believe in destiny for only death is certain. Everything else is much more simply a mater of who lays behind the curtain. Take hold your mortal flesh and move it as you will for will is what your made of as long as your heart does not stand still. I came to say these words to you. These words, and no words more." and with that the reaper traveled on through the crack under the door.