I thought I heard you thinking
Came to me like a shot to the heart

the thing is, when we are young we are drawn to love like icarus to the sun hoping to uncover some truth under the covers but youth can doom lovers like romeo and Juliet. how that story ends you already know. so dont get up set when tears come wetter than bad weather like ran or snow.

on the other hand.

love comes like a cool breeze taking your breath away with ease. a smile takes its place on your face before you realize its there before you know how much you care Timon can smell it in the air. and dont it feel like love tonight your heart has never beet so fast, its never felt so right to experienced such delight. and what you would give for that touch tonight hold me tight ward away all thoughts of fright with worm embrace. A since of home in place. A longing for the familiar taste. I miss your face, your smile and your elegant grace.